If you want to start your career in stock marketing of India as a professional, then go through this article to get accurate information about various courses, careers and salary offered to stock market professionals in India. Read.

Career in Stock Market in India: Deciding on a career that promises growth and provides stability is a difficult decision for every professional, especially at a time when the financial sector is down on the job market across the country and the world. The effect is clearly visible. However, if one is considering making a career in the stock market / stock market in India, then there are undoubtedly many beneficial job profiles for him.

In this article, professionals can read comprehensive details about career in stock market, job and salary prospects and many myths related to career in stock market.

By reading this article, you should also know why students related to the financial sector should start their career in the stock market of India. Read important information in this article about the courses, jobs, eligibility and salary available in stock market jobs in our country.

Career in Stock Market in India: Introduction to Stockbroker

In the world of stock market, a stock broker (stock broker) is such a prominent agent who keeps getting job offers in many firms and broker agencies. The main job of any stockbroker is to trade or deal in shares/stocks on behalf of its clients. These professionals are also involved in providing financial counseling so that their clients can build their portfolio through financial instruments to reap the benefits.

It is important for us to know about the functions of a stockbroker because it is the primary level job that is offered first when choosing a career in stock marketing. It helps the freshers to understand the customer base and their requirements, nature of stock, financial instruments deal with, sentiments of stock marketing and many other factors.

Career in Stock Market in India: Top Job Roles to Offer

When a person chooses a career in stock marketing, it is very important for that person to know about the popular job profiles offered in this field and the responsibilities associated with them. Hence, here is a list of some common job profiles that are offered to trend professionals in the stock market industry:

  1. Entry-Level Job Profile: Equity Advisor, Relationship Manager, Stock Broker, Sales Agent.
  2. Medium Level Job Profile: Technical Analyst, Fundamental Analyst, Manager, Equity Research Analyst.
  3. Senior Level Job Profile: Consultant, Portfolio Manager, Personal Financial Advisor, Financial Advisor.

Salary Package of Various Professionals in Stock Market in India

It is very important for every professional to be aware of the financial development associated with a particular career that the concerned professional chooses. Personal development also often depends on the economic development of each individual. You are advised to go through the figures of Average Salary Packages offered to Stock Marketing Professionals in the industry carefully:

Stockbroker – 20,000 – 25,000 per month (between Rs 02 to 03 lakh per annum) and an additional performance/ performance bonus is provided to these employees.

Relationship Manager: 60,000-70,000 per month

Financial Advisor: 01 lakh – Rs 1.5 lakh per month

financial Analyst – Rs 03 lakh – Rs 04 lakh per month

Career in Stock Market in India: Avoid These Misconceptions

Stock market in our country has always been a matter of controversy for those who want financial stability without taking any risk for financial growth. They often defame the stock market by saying gambling, betting, speculation and what not. Conversely, if an investor plans funds wisely and invests with a thorough knowledge of stocks and their trends, the potential for profits is much higher than the risk.

It is very important in this article to bust some such myths that prevent people from investing in legal platforms to make money. Read on to know that the stock market is not what it often looks like:

stock market is not gambling

The financial progress of the economy will slow down due to tarnishing the reputation of the stock market on the pretext of gambling, speculation and speculation. Therefore, people should be encouraged to invest their savings wisely in good companies and become proud shareholders. Stock market is just a gamble for people who want to earn money overnight and place bets to make quick money.

Stock market offers steady income

The entire earning game in the stock market depends on the risk and return involved in equity holding. Share prices fluctuate every day and sometimes every hour, however, if we look at the returns for a few years, the overall returns will be much higher than the figures displayed over a period of a month or a year. For you patience is the key to success here.

*Disclaimer – This information is presented in this article only to enhance your financial knowledge and understanding. It should not be taken as financial advice by any person.

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