Khushi Chindalia of Surat city of Gujarat state of India has received a scholarship of Rs 2.5 crore from Babson College this year. Coming from a very modest economic background, Khushi has won a full scholarship of Rs 2.5 crore to be among the prestigious “Babson Global Scholars”. The special thing is that this scholarship covers only 10 students globally. Read in this article how hard work and right guidance helped Khushi realize her dream of joining America’s No. 01 Entrepreneurship College.

GK Nelson once said, ‘Successful people are not talented, they just work hard and succeed in their cause.’ Khushi Chindalia has received a full time scholarship of Rs 2.5 crore to join Babson College. This 18-year-old’s journey from Surat to America’s No. 01 Entrepreneurship College has not been a ‘cake-walk’ and Khushi has proved time and again in her academic career that she is not an average teenager. Khushi, who lives in Surat city, belongs to a very ordinary background. This latest achievement of her has put her in a special league as, she has bagged a total scholarship of Rs 2.5 crore and this year became a part of the prestigious ‘Babson Global Scholars’ program.

‘Babson Global Scholars’ Scholarship Details

Khushi is the only Indian student to receive this scholarship and is also one of the 10 global scholars selected from across the world this year. As part of this financial aid being given to Khushi, this scholarship covers the full cost of her studies – tuition, room and board, supplies of books and other essentials, health insurance, personal and travel expenses – for four full years. will cover.

Some great achievements of Khushi

Khushi, daughter of Basant Chindalia and Binita Chindalia, a small businessman, will pursue a bachelor’s degree in economics and entrepreneurship from Babson College. Despite the many challenges that came in his way, he has always excelled in his education with his hard work and dedication. Similarly, the right guidance of his mentors has helped him immensely in realizing his dream of being a part of Babson College.

What makes her achievement even more special is that she will be part of a globally renowned institution that has been ranked as America’s No. 01 College for Entrepreneurship for 24 consecutive years (US News Ranking) Has been given. Established in the year, 1919, Babson College has an illustrious alumni base which includes many Entrepreneurs, Billionaires, Industrialists and Fortune 500 CEOs on the list.

Earlier, Khushi was in national news when she was appointed as the sole Indian Ambassador for the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) Tunja Eco-Generation in the year 2020. She is also the winner of national level essay competition organized by UNESCO.

Khushi got right advice and right guidance at the right time

At the young age of 15, his achievements were recognized by Dexterity Global, a national organization that provides vital support to the next generation of leaders through educational opportunities and training. Thereafter, he was inducted into the ‘Dictatorship to College’ – a career development program which made him a globally renowned social entrepreneur, renowned thinker, powerful orator and widely respected Indian youth inspiration Punj Sharad Sagar under the aegis of right guidance and Provided help in getting advice.

Describing her journey, Khushi said, “Being from a low-income family, I never thought that one day I would study at America’s No. 01 ranked College for Entrepreneurship. That’s really incredible to me!” Acknowledging Khushi’s talent, Sharad Sagar, CEO, Dexterity Global, said, “I am proud of Khushi and all of our college mates who will be studying at global institutions this year. These youngsters come from ordinary background but, they have achieved something extraordinary. They will use their world class education to solve all the challenging problems facing our country and the world.”

Similarly. It is also a matter of happiness that Khushi plans to dedicate her life after completing her course for public service and national building. In doing so, she will join many of her compatriots in ushering in a new era of equitable growth and inclusive progress for India and the world.

Kushi embodies GenX’s ‘it’s possible’ spirit because, despite an ultra-ordinary economic background, she made her dream come true to join Babson College and eventually she would emerge among 10 global scholars and the prestigious “Babson Global Scholars”. “Successful to attend the program.

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