For Indian students who want to start their career in journalism, we are discussing the major journalism specialization courses available in this country for them in this article.

Nowadays even in India, we keep getting the latest news-views and news updates from all over the world 24×7 continuously. These days we can never deny the importance of a journalist’s profession in the news world. Journalists keep on influencing the information, thoughts and work of us people a lot with their news-views. Of course! Along with the daily news, these professionals also play an important role in the formation / change of governments in the country and the world from time to time. In our country till a few years ago, students doing mass communism or journalism course used to report news in any political, economic, social or other fields.

But nowadays, in view of the increasing impact of journalism on our lives, society and the state and government of the country, like the whole world, there are many specialization courses in journalism available in India too. Nowadays, many such new fields of journalism have emerged in the whole world including our country in which future journalists can do specialization courses according to their interests. In this article, we are presenting information about some of the latest journalism course specializations for you. Now let’s read this article further:

political journalism

Political journalism is the most common and popular journalism. Political Journalism is a very popular field across all media platforms, including print media as well as radio/TV and digital media. This is such a field of journalism in which facts, issues and topics of national and international politics are included. The main purpose of political journalism is to inform voters about all the matters related to the government, which can have an impact on those voters. As a well-known political journalist in our country, Karan Thapar, Late. Gauri Lankesh, N. The names of many prominent journalists like Ram are included.

data journalism

Now data journalism is also becoming very popular in India because now there is an era of data specialization all over the world. Data journalism means presenting news and information in the form of truly accurate numerical data. Under data journalism, journalists present a topic or story through various useful and engaging tools such as interactive digital graphics, charts and maps. Data journalism deals with topics like statistics, design, computer science, data visualization along with core principles of journalism.

entertainment journalism

Various aspects, matters and events related to the entertainment industry are included in this field. From celebrity coverage to fashion news and from film critics to music and video game reviews, all aspects are involved in entertainment journalism. Entertainment journalists are experts in creating reviews that give valuable information to the audience. Entertainment journalists can find jobs in newspaper offices, magazines, online publications, radio and TV newsrooms, PR agencies, and film production houses.

sports journalism

As a sports journalist, these professionals can do various work related to sports coverage, investigative journalism related to sports, reporting game statistics, interviewing coaches and players, and game commentary in India and abroad. Sports fans can also start their career in journalism after taking a course in sports journalism, based on any field related to sports.

travel journalism

Travel journalists work to write and give information about different places in the country and abroad, under which these professionals describe different cultures and customs of the country and the world. These people also publish travel information such as itinerary guides, country guides, interviews of local people and local customs and traditions through their articles. Travel journalists also keep such information in front of people which is not accessible to people through travel guide or any other way.

Now, we also want to tell you that, these are all the most preferred journalism specializations in India. It is true that not only these special topics and specializations are included in journalism, but there are many other fields in journalism in which you can do any specialization course according to your choice and requirement.

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