Your future as an Indian stock broker is very promising but to start your career as a professional stock broker, you must have a deep understanding and good knowledge of stock marketing.

For Young Indian Professionals, starting their career as a stock broker in the stock market these days can prove to be a great career option. The work of buying and selling various stocks and other securities of the country and the world is called ‘Stock Broking’. To give practical knowledge of the basic principles of stock broking process, students are given training in buying and selling stocks for various companies as well as clients. In India too, nowadays very good careers are available for the students in the field of stock market. Hence, the future of Indian stock brokers is very promising and after a few years of work experience, these professionals also get a very good annual salary package. In this article, we are presenting all the important information about the career scope of Indian Stock Brokers:

Eligibility Criteria and Academic Qualifications for Stock Broking in India

To start their career as a stock broker in our country, students should have preferably passed their 12th class from a recognized educational board with commerce, economics, business management or maths subjects. Candidates must be at least 21 years of age to start working as a sub-broker.

Bachelor Degree Courses / Certificate Courses

  1. BA/ B.Com – Finance/ Accounting/ Economics/ Business Management/ Maths
  2. BSc – Maths/ Economics
  3. NSE Certificate – Financial Markets
  4. NSE Certificate – Market Professional

Master’s Degree Courses and PG Diploma Courses

  1. MBA – Finance
  2. M. Com
  3. Post Graduate Diploma – Capital Market and Financial Services
  4. Post Graduate Diploma – Fundamentals of Capital Market Development

Important Note: After successfully completing any suitable course for yourself out of these educational courses, you must get your name registered with SEBI i.e. Securities and Exchange Board of India. Similarly, to become a stock member, you need to clear the written entrance test and complete the relevant training course. After this you will get SEBI membership.

To get the membership, you will have to deposit the prescribed amount in the respective stock exchange as security. To work in the financial market, you must have a certificate from the National Stock Exchange and to work in the derivatives exchange, candidates must have a certificate from the Bombay Stock Exchange.

Do Top Courses in Stock Broking from Top Indian Educational Institutions

  1. Institute of Company Secretaries of India, New Delhi
  2. Institute of Capital Market Development, New Delhi
  3. The Orion Institute of Capital Market, New Delhi
  4. Mumbai Stock Exchange Training Institute, Mumbai
  5. Institute of Financial and Investment Planning, Mumbai
  6. The UTI Institute of Capital Market, Mumbai
  7. Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India, Hyderabad
  8. Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad/ Calcutta, Bangalore/ Lucknow

Top Recruiting Companies for Indian Stock Brokers

  1. investment banks
  2. pension funds
  3. broking firms
  4. mutual funds
  5. Research Companies/Centers
  6. Financial / Investment Consultancy
  7. Newspapers and Magazines/ TV Channels
  8. insurance companies
  9. Merchant Banks / Banks that deal in Stock Broking
  10. Large Business Groups/Houses and Companies

Top Career Options for Indian Stock Brokers

Professionals in our country can choose a suitable career and job profile from the following career options available in the stock markets:

  • bank broker The work of a bank broker is similar to that of other stock brokers. Actually, these professionals buy and sell shares for various clients of the respective bank but the respective banks provide the client base to the bank brokers, hence, the clients themselves contact the bank brokers.
  • independent broker These certified professionals work as an independent or independent agent. These professionals have to find their clients themselves, so along with their communication strong, social-networking should also be strong. Good knowledge and understanding of the stock market also plays a major role in making these professionals successful. These professionals determine their own commission or dividend, due to which these professionals are largely responsible for their profit or loss.
  • Equity Analyst This professional studies the environment and current financial conditions of those companies or organization to find out about the benefits and risks of the stocks and other financial products of the concerned organization or company. These professionals work in large stock broking firms or business organizations or can also work as an independent agent.
  • Stock Broking Firm/Company Such a company makes its clients and invests their money in stock market products. Professionals working in such a company are more secure.
  • investment banker In this profession, you get an opportunity to earn very well because these professionals deal with capital and money at a very large level. These professionals also deal with mergers and acquisitions of many companies. These professionals work for private companies as well as government agencies.

There are some other unique career options available with Indian Stock Brokers

  1. Personal Financial Advisor / Financial Advisor
  2. Financial Analyst / Research Analyst
  3. portfolio manager
  4. investment advisor
  5. capital market specialist
  6. accountants
  7. securities analyst
  8. financial manager
  9. security traders
  10. Security Sales Representative

Salary Package of Indian Stock Brokers

Like every other profession, in our country these professionals get salary package according to their educational qualification, performance and work experience. Initially these professionals earn an average of Rs 2 -3 lakhs annually but after a few years of experience, these professionals earn an average of Rs 5 -7 lakhs annually. These professionals often get incentives according to their performance. As an investment banker, these professionals initially earn an average of Rs 12 lakh per annum and after a few years of experience, these investment bankers can earn an average of Rs 30 lakh per annum. In this field, independent brokers earn crores of rupees annually on the basis of their talent.

Top Job Recruiters in Indian Stock Marketing

  1. India Bulls
  2. Karvy Consultancy
  3. Reliance Capital Limited
  4. HDFC
  5. ICICI Direct
  6. India infoline
  7. Sharekhan Limited
  8. JP Morgan
  9. Kotak Securities Limited
  10. star stock broker

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